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Standing Seam Aluminium Roof

Traditional Metal Roofing.

We can install multiple roofing types including standing seam and traditional batten roll systems.

Zinc Cladding Panels

Metal Cladding Solutions.

Our cladding is 100% metal and can be fabricated into varying forms to accommodate your projects.

Copper Dome Roof

Bespoke Metal Fabrication

Traditional hand formed domes and other decorative roofing and cladding elements.

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We are highly trained and experienced fitters of non-ferrous hard metal roofing and cladding systems, including copper, zinc, steel and aluminium. We can create a complete roofing and cladding package to suit your needs, including substrate. There are no better materials for long lasting, architecturally beautiful and good value roofing and cladding solutions.
We are based in East London, and can serve the whole of London and surrounding areas, including Essex and Kent. If you are not sure we can cover your area please contact us with your location and general requirements for a free no obligation quote.
We now operate in London and the Surrounding Areas as well as Cumbria and the North.
We only employ experienced and personally trusted tradesmen and tradeswomen who can deliver a unique, professional and good value roofing and cladding service to our customers. We have very low overheads and concentrate solely on providing excellent value roofing & cladding solutions with customer satisfaction our primary goal. 
We take our trade very seriously and believe that such a specialist line of work should always be delivered by those with training and experience, to the highest quality and standard - but also at a price which represents good value for money.
Not sure if a Metal Solution is right for you? Contact Us! We will never install metal to an area where it is not suited, and we will always advise our customers on what is best for them.






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Metal Line Limited has offices in London and in Cumbria.

You can contact us using the form below or with the chat box. You can also email us at or call us on 07427 616 712.

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4a Roman Road,

East Ham,


E6 3RX

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